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          保持联系或者重新与校友,请像校友会Facebook的页面的 //www.facebook.com/bishopverotalumniassociation/



          请随时联系莫尼卡或斯凯勒在 alumniassociation@bvhs.org.

          工作人员校友代表迈克 - 刺 


          校友:请 点击这里 update your information, to ensure your receipt of the B&G magazine and other important communications. Thank you! 

          The future of Bishop Verot relies heavily on the financial support of our many benefactors, including past and present families and alumni. Please consider giving back to your alma mater, making a difference in the lives of future Vikings. In addition to general donations (please click the DONATE NOW button) there are many sponsorship opportunities available for our many events as well as advertising opportunities in the B&G Alumni Magazine. For more information click on the below links or contact Mr. Jeff Brown, Development Director, at 239-274-6730 or jeff.brown@bvhs.org


          B&G Advertising and Agreement 

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